Mr. Prekash Ramsingh

Director, NAFTC-India

Mr. Prekash Ramsingh

Director, NAFTC-India
+91 9811244239


Mr. Prekash Ram Singh has been active internationally since 2005 in India and has setup several companies.

Based on his experience and contacts with Dutch educational institutions he has set up collaboration to
cooperate with Indian parties and assisted them in optimizing the curriculum to International level.

In 2013 I have done one feasible study for:
1. HEMA courses in India on behalf of “SENS Leren”
2. Study for DLV Plant to establish a subsidiary in India

He is currently serving as the Director for Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Centre (NAFTC), India.

All session by Mr. Prekash Ramsingh

Speech by Mr. Prekash Ramsingh, Director, NAFTC-India

11:50 - 12:00
Hotel Clark Shiraz, Agra